7.5 Intriguing Facts About Houses That Will Amaze You

Are you ready for a dose of fascinating facts about houses? From historic home kits to the colors of doors affecting sale prices, we’ve got it all. And yes, we’ll explain that mysterious 0.5 too. So, let’s dive right into the world of real estate and uncover some hidden gems.

1. Sears, Where Dreams of Homeownership Came True

Did you know that Sears, the iconic department store, used to sell houses through catalogs? Yes, you read that right. From 1908 to 1940, they offered mail-order homes in various styles. As many as 75,000 of these DIY house kits were sold, some of which still stand today. Have you ever stumbled upon one of these Sears homes? We’d love to see a photo!

2. The Mystery of Door Colors

Here’s a colorful revelation: homes with black doors tend to sell for higher prices. According to Zillow, having a black front door can increase a home’s value by about $6,500. Surprisingly, homes with blue doors come in second place. Who knew your front door color could make such a difference?

3. Home Sweet Home for 13.2 Years

The typical homeowner in the United States stays in their house for an average of 13.2 years. That’s quite a shift from the commonly heard figure of eight years. So, if you’re on the house hunt, consider this extended timeframe when making decisions about renovations and improvements.

4. The Ghostbusters Ruling

Did you know that sellers must disclose if a house is haunted? Thanks to a 1991 Supreme Court decision, often referred to as the Ghostbusters ruling, buyers are less likely to end up with a spooky surprise. Failure to disclose can result in contract revision, providing a safer way to avoid haunted homes.

5. Taxation Dates Back to Ancient Egypt

Property tax is nothing new; it has been a part of civilization for millennia. In fact, land taxes trace back as far as 5000 BC in Ancient Egypt. It’s a reminder that paying taxes on property has a long and storied history.

6. From Giant to Tiny: India’s Monumental Residence

The world’s largest house, owned by an individual in India, spans an astounding 400,000 square feet. With 27 stories, multiple swimming pools, and an impressive 168 parking spaces, it’s truly a marvel of modern architecture. Who needs 168 parking spaces, though?

7. The World’s Smallest House

Now, you can’t have the biggest house without the smallest one. Meet the world’s smallest house, measuring just 25 square feet. Transportable and fitting inside a standard parking space, it’s a tiny wonder. Check out the link below for a glimpse of this miniature marvel.

7.5: Mortgage Burning Parties

Ever heard of a mortgage burning party? In the past, homeowners used to celebrate paying off their mortgage by inviting friends and family over to witness the burning of their mortgage documents. Perhaps it’s time to resurrect this tradition and revel in the freedom from mortgage payments.

We hope you enjoyed this light-hearted exploration of the quirks and wonders of houses. Real estate isn’t just about buying and selling; it’s a world filled with intriguing stories and facts. If you found this video amusing and want to learn more about the real estate scene in Grand Rapids, Michigan, be sure to subscribe, like, and leave a comment sharing the strangest thing you’ve ever come across in a house. Let’s keep the conversation going!

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