How to Sell With Confidence in This Market

How to Sell With Confidence in This Market

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2017 has been a year with a very interesting market. As we move into the fall and winter, we’re seeing a lot of interesting changes in real estate. A lot of these changes are generating questions from sellers.
For now, I have a question for you: Are you, like the hundreds of people we’ve talked to this year, feeling stuck in your existing home? If you want to list but you have to sell your home to buy your next one, this does create a challenge. Nevertheless, this is a challenge that can be overcome.
Perhaps you have been stalled by low inventory in your home search and have felt unable to find your next home. But something I want you to think about is this: How can the home you’re supposed to find be there if you haven’t listed your current one yet? 

Your perfect home could be out there now as an off-market listing.

The universe cannot deliver you the right home if you aren’t in a position to buy your next one. When you’re ready, willing, and able, the home you need will present itself because you are going to be devoting your time and energy to making it so. 
There are a few strategies my team and I have to help people like you who need to sell before they can buy. Did you know that you have up to 75 days from the time you get an offer until you get under contract? My team and I have tracked the typical time it takes for people in your situation to find their next home, and we’ve found that it takes an average of just 16 days. 
October and November are also great times to be on the market because of low inventory and high demand. If you’re worried about finding your next home, you might also want to think about off-market listings. These listings receive less traffic. Your perfect home could be out there now as an off-market listing. 
We can also help you get from one home to the next by placing a contingency on your contract. 
If you have any other questions or would like more information, feel free to give me a call or send me an email. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
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