3 Reasons to Put Your Home on the Market This Fall

3 Reasons to Put Your Home on the Market This Fall

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We receive lots of questions from sellers about timing the market. Many want to know when the best time to list a home to maximize their sale price is. A lot of people we talk to say they are going to wait until spring to list, but can’t give us a reason why other than: “Everyone else is doing it.”
The truth of the matter is that most sellers take their home off the market during this time of year because of that way of thinking. When you combine that with the seasonality of fall and winter, you will find that we have a market right now that is completely void of inventory. This gives homeowners a huge advantage should they choose to sell. Here are three compelling reasons that you may want to consider selling this fall:
1. Less competition on the market. When a buyer is looking for a home like yours, it will be one of the few on the market for the buyer to choose from. This gives you an opportunity to maximize your sale price. When demand is high, prices go up. In this market, demand is very high. In the spring, there are certainly more buyers. However, there are more sellers too. During this time, you can be one of very few listings on the market.

Motivated buyers are more highly concentrated these days.

2. More motivated buyers. Buyers used to need to get into their new home before school started. That’s not really the case anymore. More and more buyers are using timelines to mark their transaction. A lot of them have a move-in deadline of “before the holidays.” Putting your home on the market over the next few months puts you in a great position to find a buyer who is on a deadline and will do whatever it takes to get a home like yours.
3. Perfect time for photos. The grass is still green and the leaves are changing colors. Our photos are looking awesome right now with all those colors. Your home will leap off the pages.
If you have any questions for us about selling your home or you just want to know your home’s market value, don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us an email. We would love to hear from you.
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