7.5 Astonishing Facts About Homes You Probably Didn’t Know

Welcome to a delightful journey through some quirky and intriguing tidbits about houses that might just surprise you. From mail-order homes to door colors, the world of real estate is full of fascinating surprises. So let’s dive in!

1. Sears Catalog Homes: A Blast from the Past

 Did you know Sears used to sell mail-order houses from 1908 to 1940? As many as 75,000 home kits were sold, each with unique styles. Have you ever spotted one?

2. The Color of Your Door Matters

Zillow claims homes with black doors sell for approximately $6,500 more! Blue doors come in as a close second. Who would’ve thought door color could be a factor in home prices?

3. Home Sweet Home for 13.2 Years

The typical homeowner in the US stays in their house for an average of 13.2 years. Quite a jump from the earlier believed figure of eight years. Planning some upgrades? Think long-term!

4. Haunted House? Seller Must Spill the Beans

A 1991 Supreme Court decision, famously known as the “Ghostbusters ruling,” insists that sellers must disclose if a house is believed to be haunted. Phew! No surprises after moving in!

5. Taxes: Ancient Roots

Property tax has a history dating back to 5000 BC in Ancient Egypt! Land taxes have been a part of civilization for millennia. Some traditions really do stand the test of time.

6. From Tiny to Titanic: Houses Around the World

The world’s largest house boasts a jaw-dropping 400,000 square feet, while the tiniest is a mere 25 square feet! Quite the contrast, don’t you think?

7. Mortgage-Burning Parties: A Quirky Tradition

In days gone by, homeowners would celebrate paying off their mortgages by hosting a ‘mortgage-burning party.’ A fun and fiery way to mark financial freedom!

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