Pro-Tip: What To Do To The Outside Of Your Home To Sell For More Money?

What are the best tips for preparing your home for sale on the exterior of your home when you’re getting it ready for sale? How many chances do we have to make a first impression? I think you know the answer.

I’m going to focus on the exterior of the home and the tips I’m going to give you today are those that not only we use here at Yoder Real Estate, but also top agents around the country are guiding their sellers and making these small Inexpensive moves so that they can maximize the quality of the showing, which ends up leading to more offers and more money in the seller’s pocket. We’ve yet to find a seller that doesn’t want more money.

 1.     The number one tip is to avoid parking your cars in the front of the home. Nothing worse than photography having a bunch of cars piled up by the garage, so move them out in the street.

Just avoid having those in the front of the house. We’re here to sell your home and the photography has to represent all the positive aspects of that.

2.     Move your garbage cans and recycling bins. We don’t want the buyer to see garbage. We want them to see that there are so many beautiful things about a home’s exterior. We want to make sure we’re really showing those off when it comes to photography and in person.

 3.     Don’t expect the photographer to move this stuff around as a rule of thumb. I’m talking about recycling bins and trash cans and, and bicycles for kids. And any of those things that you can imagine are in front of your home on an everyday basis. You’re living life there and we understand that but we’re trying to maximize the experience for buyers so that you can sell your home for the most amount of money.

 If it’s not attached or bolted down or a part of the actual real estate, that’s a pretty good rule of thumb to put it in the garage and get it out of the way so the photographer can do their job to really. The highlights of your property.

 4.     Schedule a landscape the day before or a few days before the photography, get those lines in the, in the lawn. If you’re mowing your lawn on your own or you hire someone to do it and clean up the landscape beds, and those old flower pots, and if you can get those seasonal flowers that fit the season whenever your home is on the market.

 5.      Photograph the home in the morning, the reason being before noon, if at all possible. The reason is that the shadows are much better for photography, real estate, and photography if you do it in the morning.

 Hopefully, this has been helpful to you. 

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