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3.5 Reasons to Sell Now During the Winter Months

3.5 Reasons to Sell Now During the Winter Months

Hi, Kevin Yoder here back with another episode of Today I’m going to give you three and a half reasons to sell your home during the winter months. Folks are asking all the time, “Hey, should I sell my home now? Should I wait till springtime?” There are three and a half solid reasons why one might sell their home now in the winter, believe it or not, versus waiting until spring. Conventional wisdom suggests that we should wait. Here are a couple reasons, here are three and a half specific reasons why selling now might be of benefit to you as a home seller. So, here’s number one, this is a really, really big one. If you think about it, summertime brings out landscaping and beautiful flowers and it’s awesome weather, and it also brings out a lot of looky-loos. These are called tire kickers in the automotive industry. In our business, we call them looky-loos. These are folks that just like to look at homes. They love it. They love HGTV. They love scheduling showings or coming into open houses or calling agents to say, “Can I see the home?”

A lot of time they’re not even pre-approved, they’re not ready, able, and willing, as we like to say. So, this market, however, this market, here it is February, it’s super cold, it’s 15 degrees here in west Michigan. So, what kind of buyers go out in 15-degree weather, in snow storms, put on hats and boots and coats and gloves, all that stuff? I think we all know the answer. Only the serious buyers get out and drive around in terrible weather to see properties. So, you know you have really serious buyers right now.

Okay, number two is less inventory. We already have a seasonality that happens each and every year. It peaks somewhere around August and starts to taper off. However, for the last couple years inventory has been super tight. So, we already have a constricting of that, less inventory, hardly any homes on the market. We all know when it comes to low inventory in any industry, not just real estate, whenever that’s the case, demand goes up. In this case we have very, very few homes on the market, in many neighborhoods zero, zero competition. If you’re the only one on the market, you’re going to be the attention getter, especially because this time of year there are a lot of relocations. Buyers swing into town for a weekend and your home is the only one on the market in the area. Who’s going to get their attention, who’s going to get the offer? I think we know the answer to that. Low inventory increases demand, which mean prices go up because showings go up and offers go up.

If you're the only one on the market, you're going to be the attention-getter, especially because this time of year there are a lot of relocations.

Okay, the third piece, which I kind of talked about already, which is the relocation piece, this is something that happens each and every year. A lot of relocations occur during the winter months, December, January, and February. If you put your home on the market now, you’ll be on the receiving end of those showings from those folks that really don’t have a lot of time to navigate and they need to make an offer and they need to do so now.

Okay, the third and a half reason, the 3.5 reason why one would sell their home now versus waiting, is something you might not think about. But the unique features of a home in the winter time. It’s really nice, you look out the window sitting in the home, the snow is falling. Fireplaces are not going to be on in the summertime. If you have an awesome hearth or a fireplace and you can have that on during a showing, it’s going to really show off, showcase that part of the home that would otherwise not be showcased. Another example of that would be exterior lighting and interior lighting. These are things that you can show off, and in the summertime, you would not have the opportunity to do that.

I hope these three and a half reasons have at least opened your mind to the possibility. If it makes sense to you and you want to investigate further as to what your home could sell for in today’s market, and anything else about that selling process and even buying, connect with me, I’m here to help you. Me and my team can walk you through the process, answer any questions you have, of course, in alignment with what all sellers are looking for in order to help you sell your home for the most money in the shortest amount of time and with the least amount of hassle. My name is Kevin Yoder with Yoder Real Estate, powered by EXP, and we look forward to seeing you real soon. Connect with us if we can help in any way. Take care.

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