5.5 Reasons To Sell Your Home This Fall

5.5 Reasons To Sell Your Home This Fall

5.5 Reasons To Sell Your Home This Fall

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When you’re thinking about selling your home, timing is a very important component. Should you sell your home in the fall or wait until spring to list it on the market? Today I’d like to break down the pros and cons of each option.

The only reason that you should consider waiting to list your home until the spring is if you’re not super motivated to sell it right now. You have to be motivated to sell in most markets, but it’s especially important in our market today. When I say motivated, I don’t mean desperate; you should have a clear idea about where you’re going and why you want to sell.

Why should you consider listing your home now as opposed to the spring? Here are 5.5 reasons:

1. Your home will have more competition in the spring. It’s true that more homes sell in the spring, but this is only because everybody else waits until spring to list their home. The bottom line is that there is roughly 35% less inventory—or competition—in the fall than in the spring. This means that if you list in the fall, you will be competing with fewer sellers.

2. Interest rates may be higher in the spring. We don’t know how long interest rates will stay as low as they are right now. If you wait to sell until the spring and interest rates increase, it will affect affordability for people that could otherwise purchase your property, shrinking your buyer pool and affecting your own purchasing power for your next home.

You'll face less competition as a seller in the fall and winter.

3. Many job transfers are about to take place. These inbound relocations for companies will occur now and you’ll be on the receiving end of those since people need to buy a house and need to move quickly.

4. Homes sell faster during the fall and winter. Because there are fewer homes on the market, demand increases, especially when you factor in the low interest rates we’ve been seeing.

5. Buyers are more serious in the fall and winter. Buyers will not put on their coats, boots, and hats and drive through snowstorms to get to your front door unless they are ready, willing, and able to purchase your home. There are tons of buyers are out in droves during the spring and summer, but not so much in the wintertime. The buyers that are left are highly motivated.

5.5. You could be in your next home by Christmas. Think about what it would mean to you if you and your family could be at Christmas dinner in a new home. If you can visualize this, you can make it happen now.

If you’re interested in selling your home during the fall or holiday season or are just curious about what your home is worth in today’s market, give me a call or send me an email. I’d be happy to help you!
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