Help the Kids’ Food Basket End Childhood Hunger in West Michigan

Help the Kids’ Food Basket End Childhood Hunger in West Michigan

Help the Kids' Food Basket End Childhood Hunger in West Michigan

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Today I’m with Ashley Diersch, the Senior Manager of Corporate & Foundation Relations. She runs the show here at Kids’ Food Basket. This is a wonderful organization, and they’re having a massive impact on the community. 

This organization is present at 39 schools in West Michigan and it provides 7,500 sack suppers every weekday. These take-home dinners were created when a principal found a student digging through a dumpster to find something to eat after school. Childhood hunger is a systemic problem, and since 2001 this organization has been fighting to end it.

Test scores have improved by 20% because of this program.

What real impact does this program bring to schools? Some principals have found that test scores have improved by 20%! Hungry children cannot focus as well as nourished children, so this program is extremely important for young learners. 

There are 11 schools on the waiting list for this program, so Ashley has been very busy lately. If you would like to help this program, you can either donate your time, your money, or your food. Each meal only costs about a dollar, but Ashley needs volunteers to help pack the lunches and process the food.

Click here to donate!

Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions about this program.

Thanks for tuning in!

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