5.5 Toasty Autumn Home Selling Tips

5.5 Toasty Autumn Home Selling Tips

5.5 Toasty Autumn Home Selling Tips

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This is a follow-up video to my latest one where we discussed whether or not the fall was a good time to sell a home. So, what are some tips to help you get your home sold this fall?

1. Say ‘Welcome’ with fall decorations. Fall is a wonderful time to improve your curb appeal, especially when your leaves are changing and everything looks like it has a tint of gold. Light your fireplace, rake your leaves, and place some decorative gourds around your home.

2. Air out your home. Now is a great time to open your windows to let stale air out of your home.

3. Let the light inside! Open your windows, and leave your lights on. You can go as far as cleaning your windows and removing your screens. Buyers absolutely love to see bright homes.

Take advantage of how nice your home looks in the fall!

4. Cut out the clutter. A good time to get organized is when you’re already selling your home. Remove any personal belongings that take away from the beauty of your home. One thing I recommend is to keep bins in your rooms so that when a showing is coming up, you can just throw belongings in them and your home will be clean very quickly.

5. Tour the neighborhood. What I mean by this is that if you live near a nice restaurant or a unique shop, have your agent mention it or even leave a menu on the kitchen table to show that you eat there and that the buyer could eat there too if they lived in your home. Every home belongs to a community.

5.5 Create a quick-flip buyer’s album. Take pictures of your home year-round so that the buyer can flip through and view your pool during the summer, the driveway during the winter, or the yard during the fall. This works well with a digital photo frame.

Hopefully you have found some value in this video. If you every need help selling your home in Grand Rapids, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

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