The Secret to Getting the Most Out of Your Home Sale

The Secret to Getting the Most Out of Your Home Sale

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The goal of every home seller is to get the most possible money for their home in the shortest period of time. Today we are going to share with you some of the methods we utilize to maximize the price when we sell a home.

Sellers often want to get things going right away, and for good reason. They are excited toget their home on the market and are eager to sell. Our job is to offer them a little guidance in that area. Our goal is to help sellers maximize their potential price. The first thing we tell our sellers to do is take off their hat that says they live there, and put on their hat that says they sell there.

The home is typically set up in a way for the people who live there. In order for the home to show its best, we need to make adjustments to the homes. Here are some tips and guidelines we give all of our sellers to help them sell their homes faster and for more money. 

Our first tip is to not rush your home onto the market. Our motto is “No home is listed until it’s time.” If it takes a few weeks to get your home ready, that is ok. This will actually allow you to broaden your home’s reach on the market.

Another tip is to keep in mind that the first showing of your home is not in person, it’s online. With the rise in internet home searching (98% of home searches begin there), people are deciding which homes they want to see in person based on the home’s appearance online.

One thing that buyers do really appreciate is a home that is “Move-in ready.” This means making the home neutral, and inviting. We recommend the following 3 steps when getting your home ready to present to potential buyers:

1. Professional Painting
 Paint your home neutral, bright colors. This will make the home more inviting to buyers and let in more natural light.

2. Home Staging
 A professional home stager goes room to room and lets you know what to do to really help your home show its best.

3. Pre-inspection
  Having your home pre-inspected is very helpful. Identifying where you need to make improvements and fixes  make it much easier to handle and overall makes everything easier for you.

We hope you enjoyed these tips. If we can help you apply these concepts and get your home sold, give us a call. Until next time, happy holidays!

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