Grand Rapids Michigan Real Estate Market Update for Fall 2014

Grand Rapids Michigan Real Estate Market Update

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Welcome back. Thanks for joining us for part of of our Western Michigan real estate update. As we head away from the summer and into the fall, a lot of changes have been coming in real estate as far as numbers go. We have a couple of notes for you to keep an eye on for now.
Inventory is the true measure of the market’s condition. It’s a good benchmark for us to compare where we are to where we were in the past. Right now in Grand Rapids, inventory is way down. There are not a lot of homes on the market, the number has decreased 8% from this time last year, and now sits at 3500 homes. 
As for our sales so far this year, they are pretty much even from what we sold last year. However, the market is improving because we are weeding out some of the bad listings we had last year.  

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