Avoid These Costly Mistakes as a Home Buyer During the Inspection Process!

Congratulations on getting your dream home under contract! As a new homeowner, the inspection process is crucial in ensuring your investment is sound. In this two-part series, we’ll focus on the three costly mistakes to avoid as a home buyer during the home inspection process.

Mistake #1: Repair Requests Instead of Credits

When asking for repairs, the seller may not handle them with the same care and quality you would. Opt for a credit instead, allowing you to take control of the repair process and ensure it’s done right. Plus, you can use the credit towards your closing costs, providing you with more flexibility.

Mistake #2: Skipping the Home Inspection

While some buyers consider skipping the inspection, it’s a risk not worth taking. The inspection is your only opportunity to thoroughly assess the property’s condition. If the timing doesn’t align, consider a pass-fail inspection to gather crucial information without requesting repairs.

Mistake #3: Missing the Inspection Walkthrough

Attending the inspection with your inspector is vital. During the walkthrough, you’ll gain valuable insights into the property that a report alone can’t provide. Make the most of this opportunity to ask questions and learn about your new home.

Bonus Tip: Focus on Priority Repairs

When reviewing the inspection report, prioritize health, safety, and costly items for repair requests. Avoid stressing over minor issues that can be easily fixed later on. Remember, no home is perfect, and most repairs can be handled with the right approach.

Before making any decisions during the inspection process, consult with your fiduciary agent, who can guide you through each step and ensure a smooth home-buying journey.

Stay tuned for part two, where we’ll uncover the most costly mistakes made by home sellers during the inspection process. Like this post if you found these tips valuable, and don’t forget to subscribe for more insightful real estate content!

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